Varied natural scenery

As one of Europe’s most popular beach destinations and blessed with year-round sun, Croatia’s historic towns and idyllic islands have a wealth of natural attractions to offer. From rolling vineyards to sweeping coastal cliffs, Croatia is surely to be a place to remember for everyone

Urban architecture

Croatia is famous for it’s rich achaeological heritage. There are buildings ranging from Romanesque,Renaissance,Gothic,Baroque,19thand 20th century classical buildings.There are also many contemporary buildings that are built nowadays.


Croatia has two climate zones.One is the costal climate,which is typically mediterranian with warm summers and warm winters witch temperatures don’t fall below 5 °C/41°F.The  other one is the inland climate wich is a typical alpine climate.With forrests and mountains there are mild summer and snowy cold winters.

Low operating costs

Croatia is an emerging economy where costs are significantly lower than other Central European countries. It means that not only the cost of filming but the cost of your whole crew staying in Croatia and travelling around the country will, in the end, be lower than what you would spend in many other countries.

Add to this refundable VAT on all the money you spend inside the country and Croatia will definitely seem a very attractive choice.

Easy access

Croatia is a member of the European Union, which means that if you come from an EU country you do not need to a get a visa.

In case you or your crew members are not EU citizens, getting a tourist visa to Croatia is easy and usually does not take more than a week.